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Welcome to Unbreakable, just another cute spot on the web. The one and only Claressa created/maintains this site. UB offers free graphics, downloads, requests, tutorials + more. Have any problems, need help or have a suggestion email me at breakableme@hotmail.com. If you use anything, please link back. Thanks for coming by and please come again.

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These sites listed below helped Unbreakable get where it is today and without them, I don't think this site would be on the net. If I forget anybody, tag me asap.
Brushes / Patterns / Etc.
|| Deviant Art || Brusheezy || Loveblush || LAM Designs || Pixieskull || BytheButterfly || Blue Graphics || Silent Devotion || Bayside || Mascaraa || Honeydip || Hairflip || Penumbraa || Caribbea || Back to Black || Cherried || Plasteeq || Sugarcrave || Pinklush || Southie ||

Note:: I go through my credits once or twice a month because I like to have all working links and such.
Doll Makers
|| The Doll Makers || Yummielicious (Also my inspiration to join the site world) ||
Programs Used
|| Animation Shop 3 || Corel Paint Shop Pro 15 || Adobe Photoshop CS3 || Paint || Notepad
|| mintcakes.net || Cloudinary ||
|| Dafont || Font Space || Kevin and Amanda || Font Fabric || BytheButterfly ||
Cbox/Forms/HTML Help
|| JotForm || Cbox || Lissa Explains It All ||